The First
Transparent Lottery

Pre-sale of The Blockchain Based Lottery Starts In:

Total Tokens: 10.000.000

Token Price: 0.001 ETH
Earned at the moment – 0 ETH

Tokens for Pre-sale: 2.000.000


The online lottery market today is extremely promising due to sheer number of participants and the entertainment factor. But despite overwhelming popularity, the lotteries currently available are not equipped to ensure the transparency of prize funds accumulation and distribution.

But because of innovative technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts, we now can handle these critical issues. LuckyToken is a decentralized lottery, the main advantage of which is the absolute transparency of all processes taking place on the platform and the complete and utter impossibility
of fraud.


The lottery mechanism and prize
payments are clearly
displayed on the Ethereum
blockchain and are available
for viewing to everyone.


Despite the fact that the
blockchain is an open
database, it only shows
the numbers of electronic wallets.
Personal data is not required.


Transparent mechanism
of the blockchain lottery
LuckyToken suggests the
possibility of tracking the funds
received from ticket sales: 50-60%
of one LUC is a prize fund*.


To participate in the game and receive a prize, a player must only register on the website and have an Ethereum wallet.

Blockchain Revolution
in Lottery World

The pre-sale of the tokens will take place from March 05, 2018, until the sale of the entire available amount of tokens, but will end no later than April 05, 2018.


We have professional team which could support and manage LukyToken project 24/7
John Doe

John Doe

Development Master

Our development team are working and supporting on the project with great passion.

Jan van Eyck

Jan van Eyck

Lottery Matermind

Our main lottery mastermind. Person who inspired us to create the project.

Emily Madison

Emily Madison

Marketing Guru

The best marketing Guru with huge blockchain experience


Mini-LuckyToken Jackpot


Big-LuckyToken Jackpot


Mega-LuckyToken Jackpot


We have strict plan to launch and implement project

LuckyToken conception development


Website and smart wallet development

Holding the ICO


Development of random number algorithm

Development of smart contracts for participation in the lottery, payment of prizes, storage of the Jackpot funds


LuckyToken platfrom development

Marketing strategy development and testing


Development and alpha-testing of Mini-, Big- and Mega-Luckytoken algorithms

Marketing strategy implementation and project launch announcing


Involving advisors for the final edition of the project

LuckyToken platform and Mini, Big, Mega algorithms beta-testing


LuckyToken platform launch. Launching games for the first investors. Start of regular sales


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